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The evolution of plan:

How to build and deliver projects visually with Sharktower.

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The brain's visual cortex is built to process highly visual content much quicker than text or numbers.

As a result, people have attempted various techniques to better visualise project activity: from Gantt charts to work breakdown, critical paths, roadmaps, calendars, whiteboards and spreadsheets... often all at the same time!

Most of these haven't changed in decades (Gantt is over 100 years old!) and are now outdated and unfit for purpose; forcing teams to work around them, become disconnected from the real workflow and constantly create multiple views manually.

See our CEO Craig Mackay show how we use the Sharktower Delivery Map to create visual dependency flows (regardless of methodology) that everyone can relate to and collaborate around.


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From objectives to outcomes: see the bigger picture

In this demo, see how to:

  • Map project deliverables directly to business objectives
  • Show team members how their role fits into the wider project
  • Get real-time visibility of resource across the whole portfolio
  • Manage budgets in real-time to keep project spend under control

The role of explainable AI in project management

In this demo, we cover:

  • How AI can help you interpret Team Sentiment and Project Health
  • How these AI models work (and how they become 'explainable')
  • How to use explainable AI in project management (demo)

Access-all-areas tour!

In this demo, you'll see how to:

  • Monitor objectives and drill-down to view at-risk outcomes
  • View the project plan, tasks and meetings
  • Generate reports at project and portfolio level
  • Review project allocation

Real-time reporting with AI

In this demo, you'll see:

  • How real-time reporting saves hours of time
  • How to move away from 90s-style Excel RAID logs
  • How to identify which projects need your attention most

Running a delivery meeting

In this demo, you'll see:

  • How to review progress against your project plan
  • How to deal with blockers
  • How to capture decisions and actions during the meeting

The Delivery Map

In this demo, you'll see how to:

  • Set up a project in Sharktower
  • Create activity clusters, streams and tasks
  • Show dependencies clearly in the Delivery Map