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Read all sides of the story as seven experts explore the opportunities and challenges of AI and machine learning in project management.

Why it matters

Too many projects are still being managed with out-of-date data and processes, and outcomes are suffering. As these stats from the PMI ‘Pulse of the Profession’ report show:

  • 48% of projects fail to finish within timescales and 42% overrun on budget
  • 31% fail to meet original business goals (61% in less mature companies)

So how can intelligent project management software turn the tide, and enable project managers to improve business outcomes?

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"Enter artificial intelligence and machine learning, and now you have a means of automatically capturing and codifying lessons learned.”

– Lindsay Scott, Director PMO Learning Ltd


In this guide, you'll learn:

  • How AI can spot problems earlier and drive better decisions
  • How to use data for knowledge continuity across projects
  • Why project management requires real-time visibility across the team
  • How data-driven resourcing can support continuous change

Meet the experts

Download to read opinions from influential names in project management and digital innovation, including:

David Porter@2x

David Porter

Managing Director

Endeavour Programme


Claudio Truzzi

Technology Transfer Professional Université libre de Bruxelles


Christina Gritzapi

Head of Group Websites, PMO and Creative Hub - Eurobank

Susie Palmer@2x

Susie Palmer

CEO and co-author of 'Project Management: It's All B*llocks'

Pete Taylor@2x

Pete Taylor

Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach The Lazy Project Manager Ltd

Lindsay Scott@2x

Lindsay Scott

PMO Learning Ltd


Ken Cregan

Head of Innovation