News: The Analysts choose Sharktower as preferred project delivery partner

'Change with intelligence' is how The Analysts sum up their unique approach. So when the company was looking for a project management platform to add to their range of services, Sharktower's intelligent software made perfect sense. This exciting partnership will enable The Analysts to build on their delivery capability and proposition, with a platform that will support the in-house team...

By Team Sharktower

September 11, 2020

Five Current Business Challenges The Right Software Can Address

Growing and developing a business has always called for innovation and problem-solving. Staying a step ahead of competitors. Responding to the rise of challengers and start-ups. And now the added pressure created by a global pandemic and resulting economic downturn. But if you’ve helped navigate a business through change before, you’ll know that adversity creates opportunity....

By Team Sharktower

September 8, 2020

Video: Is your project management fit for the future you're expected to deliver?

If you deliver innovation and change projects, you're delivering the future of your business. But how can you do that successfully if your processes and approach are rooted in the past? It's a problem Sharktower CEO and Co-founder Craig Mackay knows only too well, based on two decades of first-hand experience. Here, in a recorded presentation for FinTech Talents, he outlines the issues...

By Team Sharktower

September 2, 2020

Unlocking A Data-Driven Delivery Culture To Enable Business Agility

In this article, Sharktower CEO Craig Mackay shares key issues and opportunities around business agility, and how you can develop your organisation's culture to support it.    Craig covers: The need to develop a data-driven culture to respond to change What large organisations can learn from successful start-ups How to leverage data to increase business value   First up, why the...

By Team Sharktower

September 2, 2020

New feature walk-through: Resource Allocation

  Now in BETA and launching soon to all users, our new and improved Resource Allocation feature will enable users to build project teams based on team skills, working patterns and capacity to maximise resource efficiency. It shows a bird’s eye view of each project, overlaid with other organisation data to give resource transparency across the whole portfolio. This will...

By Team Sharktower

August 20, 2020

Data-driven delivery: a first-hand account.

Are you a delivery manager or scrum master running complex projects? We could bang on for hours about how great our software is, but it helps to hear from someone who's using it every day. So we asked Delivery Manager and Sharktower user Colin Jarvis to share his experience of using our platform to plan, manage and deliver projects. Here's what Colin had to say.   “I've...

By Team Sharktower

August 14, 2020

Are You Trying To Build The Future With Old-School Tools?

Are you delivering change projects with software that’s older than you are? Sharktower’s CEO Craig Mackay took a walk down memory lane to look at the vintage tools it’s time to retire. But first, LEGO. As anyone who follows me on Twitter will know, I’m a big LEGO fan. (With two kids now in their teens, we’ve amassed tons of the stuff.) But a few weeks ago, LEGO announced...

By Team Sharktower

August 6, 2020

Six Problems Intelligent Project Management Software Solves

If you’ve been looking into project management (PM) software for your business, you’ll know that there are dozens of options out there. Most offer some form of task management and basic governance, but if you want a future-proof option that’ll help build a data-driven culture, you need PM software with AI and machine learning at its heart.  Here, Sharktower’s Product Knowledge...

By Team Sharktower

July 30, 2020

Losing your RAG? Why Explainable AI is the future of project reporting.

If you manage or oversee change delivery projects, you’ll be familiar with RAG reports. But how much can you really rely on them? A RAG status can alert you to a problem, but without real context and understanding of what drives the metrics, project managers still have to rely on their own analysis, anecdotal insight and gut feeling. Not only does that create unnecessary stress, it...

By Team Sharktower

July 14, 2020

Podcast: Data Leaders of the North

In Episode 10 of Data Leaders of the North; The Podcast, Kyle Winterbottom invited Sharktower CEO and Co-founder Craig Mackay to discuss the relationship between data-driven change and organisational agility.     In the podcast, Craig covers various subjects, including: How enterprise organisations and challenger brands differ when it comes to change Why data has become a focal...

By Team Sharktower

July 6, 2020