Intelligent project delivery software, like the AI in our homes and devices, is designed to save us time, make our lives easier and reduce the amount of manual effort and interaction required to perform simple, repetitive tasks.

When you add Augmented Intelligence into that mix, the right project management software also becomes an additional, highly analytical member of the team – one that everyone in the business can rely on to provide accurate, up-to-date data and insights in just a few clicks.

In other words, not only does intelligent software take care of time-consuming repetitive tasks; it gives project delivery teams the information they need to make fast, confident decisions. It can identify and highlight potential blockers and resourcing issues, and create status reports instantly. And it ensures that all your project data is stored consistently in one place.
So from daily time-saving to predictive analytics that can increase project success rates, there’s no doubt it’s a good investment. But how much should you invest, and which solution is right for your business?
Before we get into the pros, cons and costs of specific software, let’s look at the tools you might be using now, and how they compare.

Everyday tools still commonly used for managing projects (and why you should stop using them)


An old favourite (36 years old, in fact!), the Excel spreadsheet has long been a staple for planning and managing timelines. But it’s a static format that’s no good for engaging and collaborating with the wider team (we’ve all experienced the pain of realising that contributors have been updating multiple versions of the spreadsheet - ouch).

MS Project

This software has come a long way since its commercial launch in 1984, but is still fairly time-consuming to update and manage (it’s enough of a challenge to manage projects without having to manage your PM software too!). The other big problem with MS Project is that plans are often only used and understood by the project owner, so collaboration is poor from the get-go.

“By the time you get around to updating a plan in MS Project, the project’s already moved on!”



Most of us are using messaging platforms like Teams and Slack for quick updates, but for project managers who want that all-important paper trail, email has endured. But there are better ways to communicate and store updates and actions, without watching your inbox pile up.

These tools have served us well over the years, but they’re being left behind. So let’s look at what’s taking their place.

Free and low-cost ‘DIY’ tools that will give you an introduction to AI in project management 

In a recent blog, we talked about ways that any business can start to use simple AI in their projects. We linked to a few different tools, but highlighted:


Zapier allows you to build workflows that integrate the other apps you’re using (such as Slack and Dropbox). It’s a bit of a building-block approach, but the basic version is free to use.

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps enables you create apps using pre-built AI components, without the need for complex coding. There’s a free trial available, or a starting price of £7.50 per user, per app, per month.

Power BI

This uses integration and automation to connect multiple data sources and model and visualise your data. There’s a free version for individual users, or paid Pro version for $9.99 (USD) per user, per month.
Each of these is worth exploring if you’re up for experimenting to create a workable solution, but if you’re looking for software that’s already set up for use, you might want to explore dedicated project management platforms.

Big-name project management platforms 

The breadth and variety of options is pretty vast, so let's look at what three of the biggest players have to offer:


  Cost Trial period Pros Cons From $24 per month for 3 users (online quotes only available for up to 40 users)* Free 14-day trial Already used by 100,000+ companies worldwide Analytic reports only available at Enterprise pricing level
Wrike Business pricing plan (5-200 users) - $24.80 (approx. £18) per user per month* Free 14-day trial Includes pre-built workflow templates and custom reporting Resource management and app integration (e.g. Jira) are paid add-ons
Scoro ‘Work Hub’ pricing plan – from £28 per user per month (min 5 users)* Free 14-day trial Includes time management and resource planning tools Timesheet and time-tracker tools are paid add-ons

*All prices correct at time of publishing


Why Sharktower is better value

Simple pricing and no add-on costs

First of all, we have just two simple pricing plans. One for small businesses, and one for medium to large businesses. Our company plan starts at £650 per month – the equivalent of £6.50 per person per month for a business with 100 users.

And where others providers charge extra for ‘add-on’ features, with Sharktower, you get access to every feature whatever you pay.  Along with unlimited access to features, you get unlimited data too, and secure storage is a given, not a bonus.

See our pricing plans and full features list >


Trials that last 30 days (or longer)

You can start managing tasks straight away in just about any project management platform, but an intelligent platform can’t show you it’s true value with a 14-day trial.

With Sharktower, you can opt for a 30-day trial or a longer ‘supported evaluation trial’.

If you already know what you want to get out of your project management software, our free 30-day trial lets you get started right away, with access to all of Sharktower’s features for up to 5 users.

If you’d like more support to determine where your business can benefit most from PM software, you can opt for our free supported evaluation trial, starting with a personalised demo and continuing with support from our customer success team.

In each case, it means you and others who’ll use Sharktower can put it through its paces properly for an agreed period of time.

Read more about our trials >


Scale your plan up or down as required

If we’ve learned anything from 2020, it’s that the world (and business) can be unpredictable. That’s why we’ll never lock you into a pricing plan you no longer need. If your requirements change, just get in touch and we can scale your plan down a level. And when you need to scale up again, we can adjust your plan back up just as quickly.


Requesa quote or demo 

Whether you’d like a specific quote, a personalised demo or just more information about our AI-driven project management software, drop us an email or submit your request here.